October 2017


AGENDA – Thursday, 5 October 2017 at 7.00 pm, Maldon Little Ship Club

1.  Apologies for absence.
2.  Declarations of Personal and Prejudicial Interest.
3.  To receive and confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 10 August 2017.
4.  Matters arising from the Minutes (not otherwise appearing on either the Agenda or in the Clerk’s Report).
5.  Clerk’s Report.
6.  Treasurer’s Report – the Treasurer to report on any relevant matters.
7.  Buoy report.
8.  Feed back from MDC Liaison Meeting, 19 September 2017.
9.  Attendance at Siltation Steering Group meeting, 17 October 2017, Langford Treatment Works, 1845 hrs.  Representative from MHIC?
10.  Urgent items of business.

NOTE:  The next meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY, 7 DECEMBER 2017, 7.00 pm.


MINUTES OF MEETING – 10August 2017
Jim Dines (Chairman)
I Hiner (Vice Chairman)
N Cardy
G Courtney
A Fluker
N Harrisson
J Howorth
D Leggett
D Patient
Apologies for absence were received from M Gibson, John Dines, A Wiseman.

There were none, other than those declared during the meeting.

20        MINUTES – MEETING 10 AUGUST 2017
The Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 10 August 2017 were formally received.  It was AGREED that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 10 August 2017 be confirmed as a correct record.

There were no matters arising.

22        CLERK’S REPORT
Item 1 – Joint River Safety Meeting February 2018
Wednesday, 28 February 2018 had been fixed as the date and the Blackwater Sailing Club booked.  The Clerk would be contacting speakers as previous meetings (Police, Coastguard, Maldon District Council, River Bailiff, Natural England, National Trust) and asked Commissioners for any other suggestions.  Those suggestions included Essex and Suffolk Water (Northumbrian Water Limited) and the Marine Management Organisation.
Item 2 – Reminder to Harbour Users Regarding Risk Assessments.
Harbour Users had been emailed a reminder regarding Risk Assessments for events in the Harbour with the Port Marine Safety Code and Risk Assessment form attached.  The Risk Assessment Form was available on the website in the Navigation section.
Commissioners suggested contacting Grant Everiss, Heybridge Lock Keeper, for the current address of the Heybridge Basin Regatta.  It was also suggested that the heading on the MHIC website be changed from “Navigation” to “Navigation and Safety”.
Item 3 – 2017 Harbour Dues
Passenger Returns would be sent out as usual at the end of October 2017.

The balance on the account at 2 October was £13,050.95 which was net of a Heritage Marine invoice of £178.85 paid on 2 October 2017.
The Treasurer was modifying the account with Barclays so that the account would be visible but no transactions actioned.  This would assist with tracking Harbour Dues payments.

24        BUOY REPORT
I Hiner carried out a light check on Saturday, 23 September 2017.  All were operational and visible.  The retro-reflective tape on Buoy 9 was checked with a torch and found satisfactory.
A buoy inspection afloat was carried out on Wednesday, 4 October 2017.  All were found to be satisfactory.  Further details:-
Harbour Limit Port – light cleaned.  Buoy 10 – top and light cleaned.  Buoy 11 – showed no further damage.  Buoy 12 – light cleaned and marker number “2” was failing.  Buoys 13, 16 and 17 – cleaned.  Buoy 14 – light cleaned and some paint damage observed to “top corner”.  Buoys 15 and 19 – light cleaned.
I Hiner was preparing to carry out ground tackle maintenance,

Referring to the Notes from the above meeting:-
Note 36 – Visitors’ Pontoon.  A Fluker established that the number of visitors was not logged.
Note 37 – A correction was required, “Maldon and Burnham Standard” (not Gazette).
Notes 38 and 39 – Sewage.  There was discussion regarding the source of the sewage.  It was reported that there were two sewers, an old and a new.  A Fluker noted the locations of the black discharge which were: under the Queen’s Head; the Public Hard by North Street; and by the Viking Saga.  He would ask the Environmental Health Officer to visit these locations at low water.  Jim Dines, I Hiner or N Cardy would also attend.  A Fluker suggested the need for samples.
Commissioners considered that the impacts on the Harbour included safety and health issues.  Discussion continued, reporting that the smell is evident and the possibility of a second source in the form of rotting seaweed.  The sewage network was considered.  D Leggett introduced the Water Framework Directive, and the issue of nitrates and phosphates in water, mud and air.
N Cardy raised the matter of Hydrogen being used as a tearoom during the winter.  According to the Maldon and Burnham Standard, Maldon District Council had granted permission.  There were holding tanks on board but it was not clear where they were pumped to.  A Fluker undertook to pick this up.
Pages 4 and 5 of the Notes – MDC letters.  D Leggett asked what insurance MDC held.

Jim Dines and N Cardy would attend.

Item a)            N Cardy raised the question of whether MHIC wished to take over the Dumping Licence from Essex and Suffolk Water (Northumbrian Water Limited).  This was discussed.  D Leggett commented that the National Trust would be applying for a new licence to dump more on Northey Island.  Commissioners would consider the matter, including information from the up-coming Siltation Meeting, 17 October 2017.  D Leggett raised concerns about liability under the licence and questioned why Essex and Suffolk Water wanted it taken over.
Item b)            Location of dredging restart.  N Cardy suggested Scurry’s, a few loads from past Buoy 19 and then up both sides.  N Cardy would try to get the nine loads from last year carried over.  Dredging would stop in March.
Item c)            I Hiner would be carrying out ground tackle maintenance towards winter.
Item d)            G Courtney explained that the Gig Club had free loan of the classroom from MDC, but if they lost it, the Gig Club would lose storage.  The Gig Club were very active on the quay and drew people in.  They had maintained and decorated the premises.  G Courtney asked for support in raising awareness of the Gig Club.  N Cardy commented that gig clubs were widespread and the sport had a considerable following, with 14 or 15 boats in the competitive league.  It was felt that MDC should support them.
Item e)            D Patient commented on the noise from Osea Island.  This was outside the remit of MHIC.  A Fluker would refer the matter to Environmental Health.