Maldon Harbour Commissioner’s 150th Anniversary Long Term Strategy Consultation, History Talks and 1864 Map


Responses to the Consultation Document June 2015

The Commissioners would like to thank all those who assisted us with this consultation.  The results are available from the link below.  This report shows the views of Harbour businesses with respect to medium and long-term developments in the area.  These responsess provide an interesting background with the forthcoming Maldon and Heybridge Central Area Masterplan consultation.
Collated Responses June 2015


A letter from the Commissioners, with a link to the Strategy Consultation Questionnaire below.

Long Term Strategy Consultation Letter

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Consultation Document March 2015

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Thank you for your help.

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A short history of Maldon Harbour Commissioners has been compiled from their Minutes and Accounts books.  This was published as an article in Estuary Life and can be found at

There were presentations throughout the 2015 season about the work of the MHIC.  Maldon Library kindly hosted our exhibition boards and Commissioners gave talks, including participating in the 2015 Maldon Heritage Weekend.

If your organisation would like to hear a talk from a Commissioner about the history and work of the Commissioners, please contact the Clerk at

1864 MAP

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Maldon Harbour Map 1864
Maldon Harbour Cross Sections 1864