April 2021


Printable pdf:  27 April 21 Minutes of Zoom Meeting
MINUTES – Tuesday, 27 April 2021, at 7.00 pm, Ordinary Zoom Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – 27 April 2021
In view of the coronavirus lockdown rules, an online meeting via Zoom was designated.
Jim Dines (Chairman)
I Hiner (Vice Chairman)
M Gibson
G Courtney
John Dines
P Ellum
N Harrisson
A Wiseman

Apologies for absence were received from N Cardy, D Patient, K Lagan.

There were none, other than those declared during the meeting.

63        MINUTES – MEETING 9 March 2021
The Minutes of the Ordinary Zoom-Meeting held on 9 March 2021 were formally received.  It was AGREED that the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 9 March 2021 be confirmed as a correct record, subject to:-
addition of a note that N Harrisson had tried to attend but the Clerk had been unable to admit her due to a problem with Zoom
adjustment of Minute 60 c) regarding linkage of Burnham webcams.

There were none.

65        CLERK’S REPORT
Item 1.            The Port Marine Safety Code is undergoing its scheduled Internal Review.  Appropriate Risk Assessments were being updated with respect to PWCs (which were not classed as vessels).
Item 2.            The Department for Transport was due to launch a consultation regarding the regulation of PWCs.  Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transportation had been emailed requesting that MHIC should be included.
Item 3.            Trinity House PANAR had been updated with the details for the two newly-lit buoys, No 17 and Harbour Limit Starboard.  The River Bailiff had been asked to issue a Notice to Mariners.
Item 4.            A Maldon River Safety Newsletter was being compiled in lieu of a Joint River Safety Meeting.  Updates had been received from RNLI, Lock Keeper, Blackwater Sailing Club (Commodore and Essex and Suffolk Water.

The Treasurer reported that the Examiner (John Smith-Daye of Lambert Chapman) had mislaid the accounting pack from last year, which included the cheque book.  This had occurred due to working between two offices.  He had approved the 2019/20.
Post meeting note – the Examiner found the Accounts and had waived charges.
Four statutory HMRC cheques had been issued.  There were three invoices awaiting payment, pending receipt of new cheque book.  These would be paid in the next few days.

Review of Accounts 2020-2021
Below is a ‘provisional’ copy of the Accounts for the full year ending 31 March 2021 which includes the effect of outstanding payments.  Due to the Commissioners’ decision to waive Harbour Dues for 2020, the only income had been £6.26 interest.  Expenditure was £3,825.02 resulting in a Deficit for the Year of £3,818.76 and an aggregate bank balance of £14,217.28.  (Post meeting note:  aggregate balance adjusted to £14252.68.)

67        BUOY REPORT
Inspection 9 April 2021
No 19 – Numeral 9 renewed, light cleaned (new type); bottom weedy.
No 17 – Numeral 1 poor; top cleaned; bottom weedy.  Stainless steel flange fitted complete with SL15 light.  Coded 0.3 sec on, 2.7 sec off.  Rod bird scarer fitted.
No 16 – OK; cleaned top; bottom weedy.
No 15 – OK; light and top cleaned (old type); bottom weedy.
No 14 – OK; light and top cleaned (new type); bottom weedy.
No 13 – Dirty; top cleaned; very muddy; bottom weedy.
No 12 – Numeral 2 renewed, light cleaned (old type); weedy base.  Plastic buoy projecting centre tube not fitted; oval adaptor screwed to top.  Bottom weedy.
No 11 – OK; cleaned; (fibreglass buoy not suitable for fitting light); bottom weedy.
No 10 – OK; light cleaned; internal condensation not evident (new type); antifouling on waterline degrading; weedy base.
No 9 – OK; cleaned (fibreglass buoy not suitable for fitting light), weedy base.
Harbour Limit Port – OK; cleaned some bird fouling (old type); letter T degrading.  New steel armature in stock ready for fitting.  Outstanding poor lower mooring point.  Stainless steel light flange fitted, drilled to suit new type light 6 mm when required.  Weedy base
Harbour Limit Starboard – OK; cleaned.  Stainless steel flange fitted complete with new SL15 light.  Coded 0.3 sec on, 1.7 off.  Rod bird scarer fitted.  Weedy base.
Overview – All buoys in serviceable condition, though some improvements to anti bird fouling deterrents are required, particularly on N s 10 and 14.
Outstanding ground tackle, pennant checks and service remain a priority “when possible”.  Some buoy numbers are degrading but remain serviceable at present (Part renewed).
“Lock” yellow racing buoy has been anchored in a position approx 20 m to south of buoy which appears to be closer than previous years?
New stock lights –  1 x starboard and battery; 1 x port ex No 10 (tested March 2021).
Removed from the river and secured at 11 Downs Road
1 x VERY large log and 2 x large logs (30 March 2021)
PANAR notified and acknowledged of No 17 and Harbour Limit Starboard newly lit.
Annual Trinity House buoy inspection scheduled to be carried out 26 May 2021.
Speed sign (new) fitted to Herring Point outer crane base 1 March 2021.
For information – I Hiner will be submitting an invoice for river and buoy “expenses”.

Maldon District Council had no further update.

Item a)            Jim Dines reported that the filming of “The Essex Serpent” at the Quay had gone well and it was hoped that this would encourage further use of the Quay by film companies.
Item b)            Webcams – Jim Dines reported that these were awaiting the access codes from the manufacturers.
Item c)            Marine Police – I Hiner reported that Marine Police were launching a new operation “Wave Breaker” to address anti-social behaviour, speeding etc.
Item d)            Drone film – Jim Dines reported that the Harbour had been filmed by drone and it was hoped that the film would be put on the website.
Item e)            P Ellum reported on the situation regarding the land between Tesco’s and the bypass bridge.  Tesco had offered it for sale but the land had originally been ear-marked as a nature reserve.  Tesco had agreed to lease it to a Community Interest Company, at a peppercorn rent, for it to be maintained for use by the community.
Item f) I Hiner thanked John Dines and P Ellum for their assistance in fitting the Speed Limit sign to the Herring Point Crane base.

The Chairman closed the meeting a 7.25 pm