October 2015


AGENDA – Thursday, 1 October 2015 at 7.00 pm, Maldon Little Ship Club

1.   Apologies for absence.
2.   Declarations of Personal and Prejudicial Interest.
3.   To receive and confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 6 August 2015.
4.   Matters arising from the Minutes (not otherwise appearing on either the Agenda or in the Clerk’s Report).
5.   Clerk’s Report.
6.   Treasurer’s Report – the Treasurer to report on any relevant matters.
7.   To consider the re-appointment of G Courtney whose period of appointment ends on 22 October 2015.
8.   Buoy report
9.   Maldon District Council Liaison meeting, 23 September 2015
10.  MHIC 150th Anniversary
a) Commemorative plaque
11.  Urgent items of business.

NOTE:  The next meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY, 26 NOVEMBER 2015


Nancy Harrisson (Chairman)
Jim Dines (Vice Chairman)
N Cardy
John Dines
A Fluker
I Hiner
J Howorth
D Leggett
D Patient
A Wiseman

Apologies for absence were received from G Courtney, M Gibson.

The Chairman introduced Adrian Fluker.

There were none, other than those declared during the meeting.

19        MINUTES – MEETING 6 AUGUST 2015
There was discussion of Minute 16 c) Dredging outside Heybridge Lock.  It had been AGREED to send a letter to MDC regarding spoil, however the Chairman had observed that the spoil had been removed and that therefore the letter was not necessary.  The letter (drafted by Jim Dines) was not sent.  N Cardy and D Leggett stated that the letter should have been sent because it had been AGREED at the meeting.  There was discussion of the situation at Heybridge Lock.  It was AGREED that all Commissioners should agree to changes to actions AGREED at a meeting.

N Harrisson resigned as Chairman.  D Leggett tendered resignation as a Commissioner.  Jim Dines (Vice Chairman) took over the Chair.

There was discussion of meeting procedures.  It was AGREED that future decisions should not be amended unless circulated to all Commissioners for agreement.

It was AGREED that one change was required to Minute 16 c), last sentence to be changed from “The letter was not required.” to “The letter was not sent.”

There were none further.

21        CLERK’S REPORT
Item 1 – Sadd’s Wharf – Contaminates
A letter had been received from John Whittingdale MP, acknowledging the response from the Environment Agency.  It noted that the MDC Planning Advisor had given her assurances that the site had been properly remediated.  It thanked the Commissioners for keeping Mr Whittingdale updated.

Item 2 – Granaries Wall
Phillip McLoughlin, Environment Agency had responded to the Commissioners’ letter of 12 August 2015.  The proposed works were significantly over budget and the EA was approaching stakeholders to identify a simpler scheme at a lower cost.

D Patient questioned the use of concrete facing and brickwork on the inside for aesthetics.  There was discussion of alternative construction methods and drawbacks, including sheet piling, concrete capping and the possibility of piling inside.  D Patient suggested a meeting with the Environment Agency.  N Harrisson suggested including MDC.

It was AGREED to write to the Environment Agency suggesting either sheet piling inside or the Commissioners would consider coming outside, depending on how far.  I Hiner referred to the letter received from P McLoughlin, EA, dated 21 September 2015; Item 3, sections a) and b) could not comment, section c) had EA considered going inside, or if outside, how far?  It was AGREED to circulate the draft letter to all Commissioners with a time limit.  It was AGREED to copy it to the Head of Planning MDC, to the River Bailiff and to Ben Brown MDC.  It was AGREED that the letter be written by Jim Dines to be circulated to Commissioners for approval the following day (2 October 2015).

Item 3 – Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 18 June 2015 – amendments
The Minutes had been amended as requested.  It was AGREED that these Minutes were now correct.

Item 4 – Heybridge Lock Gate works
Natural England had sent an email confirming that in their opinion the proposed pumping operations would have a minimal effect and would be unlikely to be adverse to the Marine Conservation Zone.

There were no matters to report.

On being duly proposed and seconded, it was AGREED that G Courtney be re-appointed as a Commissioner

24        BUOY REPORT

I Hiner stated that buoys were as previously reported.  It is still proposed to exchange Nos 13 and 14.  I Hiner intended to carry out a river walk to check ground tackle.  The spare can buoy is to be overhauled and painted yellow.

N Harrisson reported on the Notes to the meeting.

John Dines commented on Item 4 – Mill Beach and Blackwater Sailing Club moorings and Marconi buoys – to the effect that currently Google Earth is 4 years old and could be used to evaluate any change in location.

Regarding Item 6 – Bradwell Power Station Possible Contamination – A Fluker suggested that the Commissioners should have a representative on Bradwell LCLC (Local Community Liaison Committee).  Its next meeting would be at the end of November/beginning of December.  J Howorth volunteered to attend and A Fluker will provide the Clerk with contact details to forward to J Howorth.

Regarding Item 8 – Planning Issues Updates – I Hiner stated that Commissioners need to reiterate the importance of this to MDC.

Regarding Item 9 a) – Osea Island – N Harrisson suggested that Ben Brown and the River Bailiff should be notified (via their emergency phone numbers) as and when noise occurs at unreasonable times.  Regarding Item 9 b) – Financing facilities at the Harbour – D Patient made the point that it would be preferable that the River Bailiff was present on the Quay.  Regarding Item 9 c) – Enforcement issues – This was discussed.

N Harrisson commented that it had been a good meeting.  Ben Brown had suggested quarterly meetings but this might be too frequent.  It might be better to have ad hoc open communications.

J Howorth had sent the notes of the Consultation Findings to MDC.  It was suggested that the notes could also be sent to Bradwell LCLC.

A Fluker outlined the possibilities of funding for MHIC projects from the LCLC.  Funding was discussed.

This was considered a good idea, providing a permanent record of MHIC.  A location at the Moot Hall was suggested.  D Patient would contact the Moot Hall Committee with a view to obtaining their agreement.  The form of the plaque was considered, possibly carved wood.  It was AGREED to discuss the wording of the plaque at the next meeting and to receive feedback on the progress of gaining permission from the Moot Hall Committee and what was acceptable to them.

The post of Chairman was discussed.  J Howorth thanked N Harrisson for her work as Chairman.  Jim Dines called for proposals to stand as Chairman.  A Fluker suggested the matter be carried over to the next meeting.  It was AGREED that the election of a Chairman be carried over to the next meeting.

The Vice Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05 pm.