November 2015


AGENDA – Thursday, 26 November 2015 at 7.00 pm, Maldon Little Ship Club

  1.  Apologies for absence.
  2. Declarations of Personal and Prejudicial Interest.
  3. To receive and confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 1 October 2015.
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes (not otherwise appearing on either the Agenda or in the Clerk’s Report).
  5. Clerk’s Report.
  6. Treasurer’s Report – the Treasurer to report on any relevant matters.
  7. To elect a Chairman for the period to the Annual Meeting in June 2016.
  8. Buoy report
  9. MHIC 150th Anniversary – wording of Commemorative plaque
  10. Urgent items of business.

NOTE:  The next meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY, 14 JANUARY 2015


MINUTES OF THE MEETING – 26 November 2015

Jim Dines (Chairman)
I Hiner (Vice Chairman)
N Cardy
G Courtney
John Dines

M Gibson (Treasurer)
N Harrisson
J Howorth
D Patient

Apologies for absence were received from A Fluker, D Leggett, A Wiseman.

There were none, other than those declared during the meeting.

30        MINUTES – MEETING 1 OCTOBER 2015
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 1 October 2015 were formally received.  It was AGREED that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 1 October 2015 be confirmed as a correct record.

There were none other than those appearing on the Agenda or in the Clerk’s Report.

32        CLERK’S REPORT
Item 1 – Granaries Wall
Further to the meeting of 1 October 2015, a letter dated 11 October 2015 was sent to Mr Phillip McLoughlin, Environment Agency, copied to Mr Ben Brown, MDC.  The letter had been acknowledged by the EA, but there had been no further response.

Item 2 – Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)
MHIC had received a letter dated 5 October 2015 from Essex CC, Minerals and Waste Planning informing them that Update 2015 for Minerals and Waste Planning had been adopted by ECC.  The document can be viewed on

Item 3 – Passenger Returns 2015
Passenger Returns for 2015 had been sent out and completed forms were coming in.

Item 4 – Minutes of the Meeting of 6 August 2015
Minutes of the Meeting of 6 August 2015 have been amended as requested (Minute 19).

The Treasurer reported a current balance of £11,593.22.  The Treasurer asked for any expected expenditure, eg on buoys.  I Hiner suggested a starboard hand buoy.  (Background information: new plastic buoys faring well; No 13 starboard buoy had heavy use and repair with paint degrading; all buoys’ lights and ground tackle OK.)  Following discussion, it was suggested that decisions on purchases should wait until January 2016, depending on funds available.  However, I Hiner would purchase more paint.

N Harrisson proposed that the post of Chairman should be a one-year term.  This was discussed.  Commissioners considered the possibility of a three-year term, they also considered implications for personal workloads and general fairness.

On being duly proposed and seconded, it was AGREED that Jim Dines be elected as Chairman for the period to the Annual Meeting in June 2016.

On being duly proposed and seconded, it was AGREED that Ian Hiner be elected as Vice Chairman for the period to the Annual Meeting in June 2016.

Further to discussion, it was AGREED to write to D Leggett expressing the hope that he would continue in the role of Commissioner.

35        BUOY REPORT
See Minute 33 above.  I Hiner reported that buoy No 19 was still to be pulled over following dredging.  Painting of the isolated danger buoy was in hand.  Buoy No 11 starboard hand had sustained some mechanical damage.  The buoy report database would be updated.

D Patient had met with Friends of Moot Hall representative J Binney.  The response to the proposed MHIC plaque was positive.  It could go with other nautical memorabilia.  A formal letter to the Friends of the Moot Hall was suggested.  D Patient suggested that the plaque should be an iron cast oval and produced a draft design.  The draft design was discussed and the inclusion of wording “Established in 1885”.

It was AGREED that D Patient should go ahead with a suggested maximum budget of £150 or would email Commissioners for agreement if a greater amount was required.

Item a)            MMO Application re Northey Island
N Cardy gave an overview of the project, explaining the deterioration of the wall and implications.  This was discussed.  It is outside the jurisdiction of the MHIC.  However, Commissioners expressed concern regarding the repercussions should the wall collapse.  It was AGREED that MHIC had no comment and were happy for the work to continue.

Item b)            Blackwater Coastal Community Team
Commissioners were aware that the inaugural meeting of the Blackwater Coastal Community Team would take place in January.

Item c)            Joint River Safety Meeting, March 2016
Arrangements would proceed with a date of Thursday, 17 March 2016 for the Joint River Safety Meeting at the Blackwater Sailing Club.

Item d)            MHIC Annual Public Meeting, May 2016
Arrangements would proceed with a date of Thursday, 19 May 2016 for the MHIC Annual Public Meeting at the Blackwater Sailing Club.

Item e)            MHIC Meeting change of date to 25 February 2016
Due to the Clerk being away in March, the date of the MHIC Meeting would be changed to Thursday, 25 February 2016 from 3 March 2016.  (Note:  MLSC have confirmed this change of date for the use of their room.)

Item f) Hythe Quay
Commissioners discussed correspondence from Ben Brown and the Report of the Director of Customers and Community to the Planning and Licensing, and Finance and Corporate Services Committees MDC.

Item g)            MDC Liaison meeting
Further to Ben Brown’s email, Commissioners discussed the frequency of MDC Liaison meetings.  It was AGREED to reply to Ben Brown thanking him and asking him to suggest a date for the next meeting and also that Commissioners looked forward to meeting Matt Wilson, new Countryside and Coast Manager.

Item h)            General items
●  The Treasurer stated that there are adequate signatories to the MHIC bank account.
●  N Cardy stated that dredging is continuing up river.
●  G Courtney stated that the exhibition is available for any other events.  An updated header board would be prepared.  The boards currently in G Courtney’s house, would be stored by Jim Dines.  A vote of thanks was given to G Courtney and J Howorth for their work for the 150th Anniversary.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.35 pm.