March 2015


AGENDA – 19 March 2015 at 8.00 pm

  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Declarations of Personal and Prejudicial Interest.
  3. To receive and confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 22 January 2015.
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes (not otherwise appearing on either the Agenda or in the Clerk’s Report).
  5. Clerk’s Report.
  6. Treasurer’s Report.  Harbour dues for 2015/16 .
  7. Re-appointment of Commissioner.
  8. Buoy report
  9. Hythe Quay
  10. Joint River Safety Meeting (26 March 2015)
  11. Annual Public Meeting, (9 April 2015)
  12. MHIC 150th Anniversary
  13. Urgent items of business.

NOTE:  The next meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY, 30 APRIL 2015.



N Harrisson (Chairman)
N Cardy
John Dines
I Hiner
J Howorth
D Leggett
D Patient
A Wiseman


Apologies for absence were received from A Cheshire, Jim Dines, G Courtney, M Gibson.


There were none, other than those declared during the meeting.

68        MINUTES – MEETING 22 JANUARY 2015

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 22 January 2015 were formally received.
It was AGREED that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 22 January 2015 be confirmed as a correct record.


There were none.

70        CLERK’S REPORT

Item 1 – Incident Report (Minute 42) – The Incident Report is now on the website.

Item 2 – Maldon Little Ship Club (Minute 57) – MLSC is charging MHIC at Members’ rates.

Item 3 – Water Dredging Pipes (Minute 60) – A letter had been sent to the Salt Works and it was reported that the situation had been rectified.

Item 4 – Liaison Meeting with Maldon District Council (Minute 61) – This was still pending a date being set.

Item 5 – Joint River Safety Meeting (Minute 62) – This was booked for Thursday, 26 March 2015 at the Blackwater Sailing Club who were providing the room free of charge.  A Notice had been circulated.  PC Rawson and the River Bailiff would attend.  The Chairman reported that Ben Brown, MDC, would Chair.

Item 6 – Insurance – The MHIC Combined Liability Policy has been renewed at the same cost as last year.  All twelve Commissioners are named on the policy, thus providing coverage for any Commissioner participating in 150th celebrations etc.

The Clerk was asked to check coverage specifically for the 150th celebration activities.  Post meeting note – Insurance was checked and found to be appropriate.

Item 7 – Annual Public Meeting – The Blackwater Sailing Club has been booked for a 7.30 pm start on Thursday, 9 April 2015.

Item 8 – Port Marine Safety Code – The Port Marine Safety Code is being reviewed and updated.


The Treasurer reported a balance of £14,374.39.  The Clerk was asked to check that new buoys had been included.

Item a)            Annual Estimates and Harbour Dues 2014/2015

Significant costs were identified as buoys and lights.  Cost for two buoys and one light were estimated at £1100.  Other outgoings were identified as insurance, accommodation for meetings and the Clerk’s wages.  Costs for the 150th celebration, eg a webcam were considered.

The level of Harbour Dues were discussed, including consideration of the disruption during the repairs to The Quay.  It was AGREED that Harbour dues would remain unchanged for 2015.


The Clerk reported that the period of appointment of Commissioner D Patient terminated on 3 July 2014 and asked Commissioners to consider his re-appointment.

It was AGREED that D Patient be re-appointed as a Commissioner for a further three year period with effect from 4 July 2014.

73        BUOY REPORT

It was reported that a visual check had been carried out on 18 February 2015 and no significant changes had been found..  Two buoys (port and starboard) had been purchased.  No 14 port buoy is being corrected to an intermittent light, a new light being purchased as soon as possible.  Harbour Limit (port and starboard) and No 10 buoys are pending improving weather for inspection and maintenance of mooring chain counterbalance and rope pennants.  No 19 starboard buoy would be modified to protect the light fitting.  Its position was discussed.  It was AGREED that it should be moved slightly to the north.

74        HYTHE QUAY

Work is expected to start in October.

75        JOINT RIVER SAFETY MEETING (26 March 2015)

N Cardy reported very positively about the conduct of the Cadets.

76        ANNUAL PUBLIC MEETING (9 April 2015)

Charges for work on damaged buoys were discussed.  It was AGREED that there would be a minimum charge of £200.

Items for the Agenda were identified.


Local historian Steve Nunn has offered to help and the Chairman suggested that he might be able to assist with information for the walk.

The logo competition has been completed and the design will be reproduced in a flower bed in the Park.  The Consultation survey has been sent out.  Commissioners have been collecting photographs.  J Howorth was writing a history of MHIC and John Dines offered further information on the WWII period.

Regarding the proposed webcam, contact has been made with Mike Bentley of Maldon Little Ship Club and the Chairman will follow this up.

There was discussion regarding having a plaque to mark the occasion.  The Chairman would discuss it with Steve Nunn.


Item a)            Sadd’s Wharf

D Leggett reported that the risk documentation from the developers did not address construction, de-watering or environmental permits.  It mainly referred to Health and Safety and did not address the marine environment.  De-watering is an issue, eg where it is discharged, and there should be a permit for this.  He queried that there should be further information on these items.  A letter regarding these matters had been sent to Nick Fenwick, Interim Head of Planning Services at MDC.

Item b)            Bradwell Power Station

There was a discussion regarding the plans for the use of Bradwell Power Station including the dangers of accumulation of waste in the sediments.

Item c)            Dredging

There was discussion regarding responsibilities and licensing for dredging.  Dredging within the Harbour was under the jurisdiction of MHIC and is exempt from a licence.  MHIC informed MMO of what dredging was being done.  It was noted that MHIC have to carry out sampling.  It was AGREED to write to the MMO to confirm that Essex and Suffolk Water were acting for us as our agents in the Harbour.

Moorings – N Cardy is putting moorings back after dredging.  Owners have been asked to put in sticks at the location of their moorings.  Commissioners and the River Bailiff would inspect to confirm these were appropriate locations.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.55 pm.