February 2016


Jim Dines (Chairman)
I Hiner (Vice Chairman)
N Cardy
G Courtney
John Dines
A Fluker
M Gibson (Treasurer)
D Leggett


Apologies for absence were received from N Harrisson, J Howorth, A Wiseman.

There were none, other than those declared during the meeting.

49        MINUTES – MEETING 14 JANUARY 2016
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 14 January 2016 were formally received.  It was AGREED that the Minutes of the Meeting held on 14 January 2016 be confirmed as a correct record.

There were none, other than those appearing on the Agenda or in the Clerk’s Report.

51        CLERK’S REPORT
Item 1 – Insurance
The MHIC Combined Liability Policy was under renewal.  The price quoted was £1314.00 inc Insurance Tax.  The basic price remained the same as the previous two years, but there had been an increase in the Insurance Premium Tax from 6% to 9.5%.
Insurance was discussed.  Jim Dines had raised some queries with Winter & Co and they were rewording two sections of the policy.
The Employers’ Liability could be extended to cover onshore work by Commissioners at an extra premium of £100 for cover up to £10,000.  It was AGREED to pay the £100 extra premium.  Jim Dines would go ahead.
There was discussion regarding Professional Indemnity, for which MHIC was not insured.  The Port leaflet states “This chartlet is to be used for information, NOT for navigation.”  Care should be taken with respect to offering advice and a disclaimer would be placed in the footer of any letters.
Item 2 – Passenger Returns for 2015
All payments had been received.
Item 3 – Joint River Safety Meeting
Acceptances had been received from the Marine Police; the River Bailiff; representatives from MDC; Andrew Rudge, Coastguard Agency; Cllr Andrew St Joseph, Chair of the River Blackwater Planning Group; and Cllr Penny Channer, Chair of the Planning and Licensing Committee hoped to attend.
A note-taker needed to be identified for the meeting.  The Clerk could not attend this year.  A Fluker offered to ask Ben Brown, MDC to identify a note-taker.
Item 4 – Port Marine Safety Code
This was being reviewed prior to an External Review in March/April.
Item 5 – Proposed Meeting Dates to June 2017
Proposed meeting dates were circulated for approval.  Account had been taken of likely dates for the Joint River Safety Meeting in March 2017, and the MHIC Annual Public Meeting, possibly Thursday, 18 May 2017.

The Treasurer reported a current balance of £15,789.78.
Expenditure for 2016/2017 was discussed.  It would include insurance and Clerk’s salary.  Stainless steel shackles, pennants and light were needed.  No buoys would be required.  Maintenance work was expected to be at usual levels.  The Treasurer concluded that no significant increase in expenditure was foreseen for the year.
Harbour Dues and charging structures were discussed.  These had not been increased for at least 7 years.  A small increase was considered.  It was AGREED that there should be a 2% increase.  Discount and cut off date conditions would remain the same.

53        BUOY REPORT
No 13 buoy was reported adrift on Sunday, 7 February 2016.  It was recovered, inspected, cleaned and a new pennant fitted.  The sinker was found to be upside down.  The buoy was temporarily reattached securely.  The sinker would be turned back over soon.  The Clerk made a PANAR report (Trinity House).  No 13 buoy is due for exchange.
A tyre sinker and river debris were cleared.
No 10 buoy showed a paint failure.  The paint supplier would be changed.
Yellow buoy would be repainted.
All other buoys were inspected and cleaned where appropriate.  No 14 buoy required bird scarers.

Jim Dines reported on the MDC Liaison Meeting, 20 January 2016.  Typed up notes of the meeting had been circulated to the Commissioners.  The meeting was discussed.  Commissioners asked the Clerk to circulate copies of the Notices to Mariners of 21 January 2016 Marconi buoy and 8 February 2016 Northey Island bank reinstatement.
There was discussion of the Visitors’ Pontoon and Commissioners would bring sketches and ideas to the next MDC Liaison Meeting.  (N Cardy had original drawings for the Pontoon.)
It was suggested that the next MDC Liaison Meeting should be in the second half of May, after the Annual Public Meeting on 19 May 2016.

As discussed Minute 54 above.  The Notes from the MDC Liaison Meeting 20 January 2016 state
MDC explained the reason for the lack of lighting was a health and safety decision because lighting attracts people eg from the pubs, and it did not want people attracted onto the Pontoon.  Safety equipment was located on the Pontoon.

As discussed Minute 54 above.  The Notes from the MDC Liaison Meeting 20 January 2016 state
Photographs of the wall were discussed.  MDC had given the contractors, TMS, contact details for the Environment Agency, but there had been no reply from the EA.  MDC were happy that the repairs should go ahead; it remained for the EA to go forward with the work.  There was discussion of the impact on the Harbour should the wall collapse.  The possibility of a joint meeting between MDC, MHIC, EA and Crown Estates was raised.  Commissioners pointed out that only part of the wall was being repaired (about 40 ft) but the rest was also deteriorating.  The possible impact of a surge was considered.  Ben Brown would raise the matter with the Director of Planning with a view to instigating the joint meeting (MDC, MHIC, EA, CE).

The draft Agenda for the Joint River Safety Meeting was discussed.  It did not require changes.

58        MMO CONSULTATION – Application from Northumberland Water, disposal of dredged material Maldon Saltings
Commissioners were happy for this to continue.  Jim Dines undertook to respond.

Item a)       Coastal Communities meeting.  A Fluker and D Leggett provided feedback.
Item b)       I Hiner informed Commissioners that he would be doing mudwashing at his berth.
Item c)       The new tea room barge at the Quay was discussed, including implications for Harbour dues (none), pump out facilities, potential displacement of a static vessel and the positive opportunity provided for apprenticeship.  Jim Dines and I Hiner would raise the issue of the potential displacement of a static vessel with MDC.
Item d)       D Patient raised the matter of the new Quay rules, followed by review and discussion.
Item e)       N Cardy raised the issue of gravel dredging.  this was discussed.  The Commissioners welcomed beneficial dredging to remove gravel from the river bed at the downstream end of Sadd’s Wharf.  All activity is taking place within the Harbour limits.
Item f)        A Fluker informed the meeting that the next meeting of the Maldon and Blackwater Coastal Communities Team would be on Friday, 29 April 2016, 2.00 pm at Plantation Hall, Heybridge.  A Fluker and D Leggett planned to attend.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9 55 pm.